after the rain

We’ve had so much rain here for the past few days! Too wet to get into the garden (don’t want to compact the soil) – time to catch up on everything else (including our annual land day celebration preparations).
Yesterday, we got 1.2 inches and 2 the day before. the sun finally broke through last night. the sun on my face after so many days of gray felt glorious, even if it only lasted 20 minutes. All the green in the landscape almost seemed impossible. This is what it looked like:



IMG_20170430_195608374 (2)

movin on up

After the death of our beloved 1989 maroon toyota truck, we’ve been on the lookout for some suitable and fabulous replacement (a 1996 toyota tacoma). We couldn’t believe our luck when we found this one in St. Louis – not only a fabulous truck, but an amazing exchange/connection/deal with jess who sold it to us. We hope to host Jess and partner Vanessa sometime in the coming months (hopefully the truck will still be sortof clean, and might even have a name by then)!
(Got any name suggestions? Send them our way, we’ll gladly entertain them).
Thank you Jess!!!!!!!!!!!