We’ve been farming organically and building community since 1974 on 155 acres in rural, northeast Missouri. We grow roughly 80% of the food we eat (endless vegetables as well as black and pinto beans and wheat and corn we grind to bake with and the oats and soy we feed our chickens and the eggs our chickens lay).  Three adult members, 2 kids, and 2 prospective members make up the human portion of Sandhill these days. We share a lot of resources; meals, vehicles, land, buildings, tools, gardens, laughter….

The land we hold in common features large vegetable/herb gardens, orchards, woods, hayfields, cropland, ponds and pasture. We raise chickens for eggs, meat and manure. We hunt deer. We produce and sell sorghum syrup, garlic, mustard, horseradish and various seasonal condiments. Our population rises during the growing and harvest seasons with interns, visitors and guests. While our fall sorghum harvest has become a Sandhill tradition, we are taking a hiatus this year while we reconfigure our membership, figure out our income streams, and new folks here acquire the skills to manage fields of crops with old tractors.

Our community is currently in a time of transition.  With our community being half the size that we were a year ago, plus two new prospective residents, we are in a time of discernment as we move towards creating the next iteration of community here at Sandhill.  We are currently examining/exploring/playing/dancing with a variety of communal models including full income-sharing (what Sandhill has historically been), partial income-sharing, sub-communities, independent households with shared labor and co-ops, …..?!!  Over the coming season, we hope to discern a sustaining and loving structure that meets the needs of those of us that call this place and land home.   While we are unsure of what the future holds, we do know that we hold the following values for ourselves and this community:

gratitude: for all those who came before us, for the land, and for the beauty around us children compassion, safety, transparency, and patience creativity and play magical relationship with food assuming positive intent: giving each other the benefit of the doubt non-oppressive justice-seeking relationships dismantling patriarchy and binary gender roles personal growth and emotional work relationships with people in and outside of community striving for right relationship with native people: acknowledging we are settlers on stolen land and finding ways to build relationship reverence: for the sacredness of the land and birds and trees and cats and clouds  

We give tours of our community, and sometimes host visitors who are interested in getting to know us better. Contact us if you are interested in one of these options.