internships & visiting


We have a finite capacity to host guests so we will likely prioritize folks interested in living at Sandhill and extended friends. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

To request a visit, email us at In your email, please include the following:

  • your name, age and gender identification
  • why you are interested in visiting and why Sandhill in particular
  • approximately when you’d like to visit and for how long
  • any special skills, interests, attributes you’d like to share while visiting
  • If you’re willing to work-trade for your stay here

If you are contacting us with interest in exploring membership at Sandhill, we will begin with a video call to meet one another. If all goes well, we will extend an invitation for a 1-2 week visit. 

We ask visitors to consider contributing $15 – 50 per day and/or labor on the farm while staying with us. While your contribution helps cover costs related to food, it is also a way to recognize the time we put into hosting new people – like giving a tour, cooking for extra people, preparing rooms,  and having daily check-ins, orientation and integration into our systems and lifestyle.


Please complete this application and send to

An internship at Sandhill Farm is an opportunity to be a part of our intentional community by growing organic food, preserving the harvests, improving the farm’s land and infrastructure, caring for the livestock and kiddos, and endeavoring to live a sustainable lifestyle. 
Sound interesting? Keep reading!

Interns participate, as non-members, in all aspects of the community for the length of their stay. This includes our meetings and consensus decision making process, cooking meals, spending time with children and creative problem solving for projects. We expect interns to be open to dialoguing about what they say or do as a part of the group. Our community norms align with feminism, egalitarianism, hospitality and nonviolence. Interns often become part of our extended family of friends.

Because of the community’s restructuring, your workflow will look differently each day. You will be expected to participate in community work parties and garden work parties and will be expected to take some childcare shifts. Other days you might jump into whatever the need or interest is at the moment. 

You will have a room in our communal farmhouse with access to a fully-stocked kitchen and shower. You will cook some meals on your own and some will be shared with your host family. Sandhill will provide basic food staples for your kitchen. You will receive a small monthly stipend while you are here so that you can supplement as you wish. 

Much of the learning and mentoring occurs while doing. Self motivation, good communication and the ability to work independently some of the time are keys to a good intern experience.

While there is always more work that can be done on an active farm/ community, there are also many opportunities to relax. Our land has inviting swimming ponds and woodland walks. We have a rich library collection, craft projects abound, we like to have friends over and we often create our own entertainment. We also have a weekly potluck with sister communities, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage & Red Earth Farms. Local friends and neighbors often attend these potlucks as well.

We enjoy hosting interns! They bring new energy to our community and we deeply appreciate the help they offer. It is important to us to share our lifestyle and what we are learning of sustainable living. We also look forward to the social aspect of having more people and diversity on the farm.

Check out the application and contact us if you are interested in participating this 2020 season.